What does ICARUS Standard Classroom drone training course include?

The ICARUS drone training courses have been developed by Aviators who have not only flown in the unmanned ‘drone’ sector but who have taught people to fly manned aircraft all over the world at the very highest levels. Particularly with recent events in mind, this deep understanding of how both can work safely together is an important message to pass on, and we take great pride in the fact that our ICARUS Students are so well prepared that many go on to operate within controlled airspace, in and around very busy Airports within weeks of gaining their PfCO; safely, legally and confidently.

Ex-RAF Helicopter Instructor Matt Williams designed the ICARUS drone course in 2015 and has flown full-sized Helicopters and Drones all over the world for the Military, Film and TV. The ICARUS team is supported by a multitude of Flight Instructors and Examiners who regularly fly on Film and TV sets as well as being experts in the field of Industrial Inspections.

The ICARUS Course (Standard) is a comprehensive package to efficiently get you your PfCO from the CAA.

  • E-Learning - ICARUS Resource Library
  • 2-day Theory ground school
    • Refreshments and Lunch
    • 50 Question Multiple Choice Examination
  • Aide-memoire
  • Operations Manual Template
    • Guidance
    • Operations Manual Review
  • Operational Evaluation (Flight Test) - booked on a separate day
  • Support 9am-5pm Monday to Friday